Bumpin Bakery

Our Mission

Bumpin Bakery is dedicated to reducing territorial stigmatization on Vancouver’s downtown east side (DTES), by fostering a mindset of empathy, inclusion, and awareness for youth in Vancouver.

Our Vision

A City where people see value in each other regardless of income, social status, and appearances, and to have our youth volunteers possess the drive, and knowledge to contribute to the creation of this forward thinking community.

Our Values

Youth Centric → We are committed to empowering youth to become leaders in the city’s poverty reduction movement and community at large, by administering roles, and clear responsibilities within the organization for youth, and supporting experiences that provide a transparent view of the DTES.    

Collaboration → As an organization, we understand that hundreds of services, with similar goals and values, currently operate in the DTES. Therefore, in order to solve the complex issues that exist in the area, we firmly believe that collaboration is necessary between services, with the intention of maximizing the potential benefit of each organization’s efforts.

Relationships → We strive to deliver a consistent and genuine service by working to ensure that each interaction, whether it be between volunteers or residents, has the ability to become an honest connection.      

Education → Our work is informed by an understanding that in order to build a foundation for a brighter future, our youth volunteers need to not only gain purposeful service experiences but also recognize the core issues facing their city.

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