Activate & Educate: The Tour

The Activate and Educate tour of the Downtown Eastside (DTES) was more than just your traditional sightseeing tour; it was an interactive experience that emerged high school and university students alike into the reality of the DTES through immersive activities carefully considered by the generous tour leader Omar. A resident of the Downtown Eastside himself, […]

The Importance of Connection: Marvin’s Words

By: Keeley Aliya My spontaneous conversation with Marvin enlightened my perspectives regarding fear, the past, and the effect those things have on us today, making me consider situations with a new frame of reference. One of the first things he told me was that people “stuck in the pain of the past” can only escape […]

A Conversation with Greg: The World through his Eyes

By: Keeley Aliya Talking with Greg, I learned various outlooks concerning matters within the contemporary world we live in, as well as insightful revelations regarding issues we face as Vancouver dwellers. He covered a wide range of topics, generously delving into personal anecdotes and mindsets he has come to appreciate over the years, sharing valuable […]

Owen’s Inspiration and Point of View

By: Keeley Aliya Talking to Owen, a regular volunteer at Bumpin, was delightful and inspiring. Currently in grade twelve and attending Vancouver College, he heard about Bumpin through his school’s football team. His preconceptions of the Downtown Eastside were from a neutral point of view; his ideas came from experience alone, bussing through that area […]

A Way Up the Spiral: Omar’s Perspective

By: Keeley Aliya Talking to Omar, a resident of the Downtown Eastside, during the Sunday handout on October 14th was strikingly enlightening. His view on the world was practical and realistic, and he graciously provided me with an outlook on the situation of those living in the Downtown Eastside through an emotional context. Walking away […]