Activate & Educate

Activate and Educate (A&E) is a two part service, taking place on March 17th/18th. The goal of the project is to develop a foundation of informed and conscious youth, ultimately creating more leaders for Vancouver’s poverty reduction movement. This goal will be achieved by conducting two separate service events on the DTES, aimed at educating and inspiring twelve to fifteen youth volunteers. The final deliverable of the project is a discussion that establishes concrete efforts to fight homelessness on the DTES will continue following the completion of A&E.

For more detailed information regarding sign-up and inquiries please download this release.

Our Stories

The Our Stories project, is comprised of written pieces that feature both the residents of the DTES, as well as Bumpin Bakery’s youth volunteers. The project attempts to bring the perspectives, opinions, and stories of residents, that would otherwise go unheard, forward to the general public. The impact of Bumpin Bakery on youth volunteers is also explored, with the hope that by reading their stories, the audience will see the value in Bumpin’s mission, and how it is being fulfilled.

Sunday Handouts

Since October of 2014, Bumpin Bakery has been serving approximately 3 litres of coffee and 300 baked goods to residents of Vancouver’s DTES. The handouts take place every Sunday morning (rain or shine) on the corner of Main and Hastings at 10am. Not a single Sunday handout has been missed in 4 years, with the number of consecutive handouts totalling over 225. The organization is extremely proud to have demonstrated the ability to provide a consistent and genuine service, trusted by residents of the DTES. To get involved with our Sunday handouts please fill out the following form.